Apple Music Offers No Free Lunch To Android Users

Apple Music Offers No Free Lunch To Android Users
Apple Music Michael Coghlan / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Apple has already announced Apple Music, its new music streaming service for the mass audience, during the WWDC 2015. The company has also announced that the service will be available for Android users, but it will not be free.


Apple Music will be available free of cost for iOS users with limited usability and features. For an extended access, users will have to pay $9.99 or $14.99 for single and family pack, respectively. However, according to a Gizmodo report, the free option will not be available for Android users.

Releasing Apple Music for Android users is a giant step Apple has taken towards moving into the music streaming industry. It is clear that the company wants users directed towards its services. It has gauged the potential of music streaming and thus want to grasp the major part of the market that is currently in control of Spotify.

Apple, though interested to make Apple Music successful as an individual service, is not willing to sacrifice on the profit part. It is not going to give away everything in order to gain market share. So the free option won’t be available for Android users.

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It will still be worthwhile to see how Android users react to the offering as there are other music streaming services out there with free tiers. Spotify has 60 million subscribers today with 45 million using the free service. Pandora is known for its popular radio service with only 4% choosing premium tier. In such a scenario, paid version of Apple Music can be a big question.


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