‘Apple Music’ Can Now Be Enjoyed On Android Devices

‘Apple Music’ Can Now Be Enjoyed On Android Devices

It has been a few months since it was announced that Apple Music is coming to Android. On Tuesday, Apple Music was released on Android devices. Read on for details.


Login to the service with an old or a new Apple ID. You will then have to subscribe to Apple Music to start listening to albums or artists. How much will it cost you? Since it is still in beta stage, the app allows you to subscribe for $9.99 per month. This is for individual subscriptions.

Only Apple users can sign up for family subscriptions. With family subscriptions, up to six people can enjoy Apple Music for $14.99 per month. This music app works the same way on iOS devices, but right now, you may find a few differences here and there due to the app still in beta stage.

Just like iOS users, Android users can:

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1. Listen to radio stations for e.g., Beats

2. Create their own radio stations

3. Create playlists

4. Using “Connect,” follow artists on the app

5. Browse music collections

6. Sync the app with playlists created on Windows PC, iOS device or Mac

7. Search for latest tracks on Apple Music

8. Add new tracks to the playlist

If you have been enjoying Apple Music on iOS devices, you must be familiar with music videos. This is a feature that has not yet been made available to Android users, but it will soon be introduced. To transfer music, Apple does not allow Android phones to be directly synced with iTunes, but you can go to “My Music” tab and browse the tracks there.