Apple Mac OS X El Capitan Release Date; OS X 10.11’s New Secrets

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan Release Date; OS X 10.11’s New Secrets
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In this Mac OS X El Capitan report, you will know the release dates and where you can start downloading your OS update. Plus, we’re sharing to you some juicy updates of the El Capitan.

For those who were waiting for the announcement of Apple Mac OS X El Capitan’s release dates in the Apple Event and were disappointed, you don’t have to be. It came out during the Apple SVP, Craig Federighi’s, iPhone demo.


So when is the El Capitan release date? The launch date when users can download the upgrade their old Mac OS is on September 30. As usual, the upgrade is free of charge and the warning and professional advice of always backing up your date is there. You can upgrade via the App Store.

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What are featured in OS X El Capitan? Mac World made some roundups.

First, Apple Mail has made use of the track pad for easy navigation or quick shortcuts. Swiping on messages can bring them into the trash bin or mark them as unread.

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Apple Mail will also filter messages better like when it detects an event in the email content; it will flag the message with an “add event” note or an unsaved sender will have an “add contact” flag.

Not much? Well, these small things make a lot of difference in the productivity of the users.

Second, that popular simple note-taking app, Notes, will have a new look. Instead of two panels, it will sport three panels now: Folder, Notes, Content of the Notes.

You can also post videos, PDFs and Audio files and view them live and not as attachments anymore.

Thirdly, the split-view option. It’s pretty much like minimizing the apps and making them work side-by-side – only it’s now a feature of the Mac OS X El Capitan rather than a simple task of laying out your programs on your screen. There are shade differences to tell which app is active and which is not.

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Ars Technica pointed out that the beta release showed a new fault typeface.  There will also be a new security system in place.

So those are just some of the few things you may want to check out when the new OS X El Capitan rolls out. Find out more in our other reports in the future.

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