Apple iWatch Specifications and Release Date Leaked

Apple iWatch Specifications and Release Date Leaked

apple logo iwatch Apple iWatch Specifications and Release Date LeakedNew information on Apple’s upcoming iWatch wearable device has come out from reports by both the Wall Street Journal and Reuters detailing a few of the device’s specifications as well as the device’s production and  release date.


According to Reuters, the iWatch is said to measure 2.5-inches with a slightly rectangular arched face. The iWatch is also said to feature a touchscreen, wireless charging capability, as well as sensors to monitor a user’s pulse, among other things. And while some of the device’s features will work independently, other features including messaging and voice chat will require pairing with an Apple iOS device like the iPhone. Additionally, the iWatch is said to only be compatible with Apple iOS devices.

The report from the Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, detailed information on the iWatch that could either compliment or contradict the report by Reuters. According to the report, the iWatch will come in multiple versions with different screen sizes. It was previously rumored that the iWatch would come in 1.3- and 1.6-inch sizes so the reports by the Wall Street Journal and Reuters could mean that the iWatch will come in at least three sizes.

The iWatch is also reported to utilize at least 10 sensors to monitor health and fitness data, among other things, and will include features that will differentiate the device from both other smartwatches as well as  smarpthones.

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Both reports have claimed that production for Apple’s smartwatch is expected to start in July and is scheduled for an October announcement and launch. Production will be conducted by Quanta Computer Inc. which previously manufactured other Apple products including laptops and iPods. The report also said that LG will be supplying the screens for the device’s initial production run.

Lastly, the reports said that Apple is expected to ship between 10 and 15 million units by the end of 2014 and 50 million units within the first year of the device’s release.