Apple iPhone 7 September 7 Release Date Confirmed – Bloomberg Report

Apple iPhone 7 September 7 Release Date Confirmed – Bloomberg Report
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Amid a number of rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone 7, one thing has now been confirmed. Apple will debut its new much-awaited mobile phone on September 7.


It has been revealed that Apple Inc. is preparing to conduct an overhaul when it comes to its MacBook Pro laptop line. This is first time the said laptops will undergo major changes in four years. This is perhaps being done in order to reboot its current slumping sales.

Meanwhile, Mark Gurman’s report for Bloomberg subtly mentioned that the “next-generation versions of the iPhone” is scheduled to be unveiled by Apple on September 7. Apple spokesman Bill Evans may have declined to confirm this, but the information is said to have come from an inside source at Apple.

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Today, Apple is under a lot of pressure to come out with a version of the iPhone that is more radically different from its predecessors. However, it seems the company plans not to make any major changes in their phone design until the following year.

iPhone 7 Will See A Few Changes

According to a previous report from The Wall Street Journal, the only changes expected for the iPhone 7 is the removal of its headphone plug so the new phone can look thinner and have improved water resistance capability.

Meanwhile, the lightning port on the phone will be used both as a charging port and headphone connection. All other changes to the iPhone design will be applied to the version that will be released after the iPhone 7.

Rumors About The iPhone 8

As Forbes reported, the 2017 model happens to be the one that will mark the iPhone line’s 10th anniversary. This is why you can expect the iPhone 8 to be something completely new.

For starters, Nikkei recently reported that Apple fans can look forward to seeing an all-glass iPhone 8. This is because it was discovered that Foxconn Technology has been busy developing a glass casing for Apple’s smartphones. There is also talk of giving the 2017 iPhone a new “edge” display.

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