Apple iPhone 7 Rumor: Weibo Hints Bigger Battery & New Developments

Apple iPhone 7 Rumor: Weibo Hints Bigger Battery & New Developments
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After suffering serious losses from iPhone sales, Apple is planning to bring the best attributes in the iPhone 7. The Cupertino firms plans to bring futuristic upgrades to the iPhone 7, the details of which were recently released in a Weibo report.


Several photos emerged in the Weibo report allegedly showing batteries in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Going by the codes, the phones will feature 1735mAH and 2810mAH capacity batteries. This is a slight increase from the iPhone 6s (1715mAH) and iPhone 6s Plus (2750mAH), reports Forbes.

It is believed that the small increase in battery life of the upcoming phones from its predecessors will be increased in efficiency by the Apple’s new A10 chipset. Going by the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook, “We have great innovation in the pipeline, like new iPhones that will incent you and other people that have iPhones today to upgrade to new iPhones.”

Cook surprised Apple fans by saying, “We are going to give you things that you can’t live without, that you just don’t even know you need today. You will look back and wonder ‘how did I live without this?”

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For the first time in Apple’s history, the company faced sales decline in iPhones in the last quarter, although it managed to sell 51.2 million phones in the same quarter. The Wall Street Journal criticized the Cupertino firm for not being able to live up to expectations.

In reply, the company said that it is a fairly secretive company and does not like to talk about its future with the world. Cook gave hints that the company is incredibly excited about a few developments. He added, “We have great innovation in the pipeline.”

Meantime, Apple holds the reputation of acquiring other companies for technology and human resource. With regard to this, the company has plans to update its products with newer technology, intelligence and information, reports Tech Insider.

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