Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Features: Leaked Renders Confirm Dual Camera System & 3-Pin Smart Connector?

Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Features: Leaked Renders Confirm Dual Camera System & 3-Pin Smart Connector?
El iPhone 7 podría ser así según los últimos rumores iphonedigital / Flickr cc

Bits of details regarding the much-anticipated iPhone 7 are slowly leaking to the market. This time, a new piece of the puzzle has been revealed in the form of Apple iPhone 7 cases already available on a pre-order basis. What the cases indicate is that changes are indeed underway when it comes to the iPhone’s camera and connector.


Based on the outward appearance of the cases, one might say that the iPhone 7 looks similar to the existing iPhone 6. However, there will be certain differences. When it comes to the camera, Forbes reports that the iPhone 7 will get a minimal upgrade from the iPhone 6. That is, iPhone 7′s camera will enjoy a larger camera module.

On the other hand, iPhone 7 Plus will have the dual camera module, which is already present in other brands of smartphones today. According to a report from The Verge, having a dual camera unit on the phone can make it easier for users to take shots of bigger groups as well as landscapes and architectures. As for iPhone 7 Plus’ own dual camera technology, it is believed to be much like Huawei’s.

Meanwhile, it seems Apple has decided to give the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus a 3-pin Smart Connector feature. According to a report from 9To5Mac, however, it is still unclear what this feature would be used for. However, Forbes reports that such a Lighting port can allow for data and power to be sent and received simultaneously.

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It is also worth noting that only the iPhone 7 Plus will have the said feature. On the other hand, something else worth noting in the recently leaked phone cases is that there are no more holes for a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Today, Apple’s stock price (AAPL) is at $98.94, which is down by $0.09 or .091 percent. It remains to be seen if the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can turn things around for the tech company.

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