Apple iPhone 7 Design Unveiled: Returns To Flat Back Without Visible Antenna Bands

Apple iPhone 7 Design Unveiled: Returns To Flat Back Without Visible Antenna Bands
iPhone 5 from Pixabay
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Apple’s disappointing iPhone sales got the market talking if it can produce another killer smartphone, or if the iPhone era is done. Fortunately, a new report sheds light on what Apple has been working on, and it seems the company is intent on revolutionizing the iPhone 7 further. Will the iPhone 7 bring Apple back into glory?


Apple iPhone 7 will not launch until September this year, but several leaks are already shedding light on what people can expect. According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple will be introducing a new design to the iPhone 7.

Specifically, the iPhone 7 will come with a thinner module and without antenna bands across the back. Apple appears to be working on incorporating a dual-lens camera system to the device which could change the smartphone’s overall design. However, the smaller iPhone 7 will not come with the hyped new camera system; rather, it will feature the traditional camera known of the lineup.

Furthermore, the removal of the antenna band throughout the rear will let the company create a smooth and cleaner all-metal look on the iPhone’s back. However, antenna bands on the sides including the top and bottom edges will remain.

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According to BGR, there is another reason why Apple is opting to remove the headphone jack. More than just slimming down the iPhone, Apple appears to be interested in increasing the screen-to-body-ratio of the iPhone.

Regardless of the case, DigiTimes reports that flexible printed circuit boards or FPCB will see higher demand next year. These refer to components incorporated in incredibly thin devices. This may be linked to the iPhone 7 and possible increase in shipment. Apple has not provided any official details of the iPhone 7. All leaks and expectations must be taken with a grain of salt.