Apple iPad Pro Capable Of 29-Watts Charging, But Ships With Only 12-Watts Power Adapter

Apple iPad Pro Capable Of 29-Watts Charging, But Ships With Only 12-Watts Power Adapter
iPad Pro brett jordan/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Yes, you heard that right! Apple iPad Pro is capable of much more than what the company is shipping the device with. What if I tell you that you could charge your iPad Pro faster than you charge it today? Having said that, you just cannot. Why? Because Apple is not selling USB 3 Lightning cables for the device.


It is not that 29-Watts power adapters are not available with Apple. The company ships it for a 12-inch Retina Display MacBook. According to AppleInsider, “Buried within the hardware regulatory information for the iPad Pro, it’s revealed that the 12.9-inch tablet can use 14.5 volts at 2 amps, which is equivalent to 29 watts. However, the Apple iPad Pro only ships with a 12-watt power adapter.” The report on Apple Insider further adds that “The Lightning cable that ships with the iPad Pro, however, is limited to a load of 12 watts, and it features a full-size USB Type-A 2.0 port on the opposite end, not a USB-C connector.”

With the understanding of charging capability of Apple iPad Pro, you must be thinking of picking up a MacBook’s charger and plugging it into your iPad. If that is so, then wait! That is not going to happen. Why? As mentioned earlier, USB 3 Lightning cables are not being  made available by Apple. Thanks to the Fresco Logic FL1100 USB host controller for this 12.9-inch tablet’s ability to use a charge of 29-watts. This controller, according to the same Apple Insider’s report, can “deliver USB 3.0 “SuperSpeed” bandwidth to four separate ports.”

Unfortunately, to date, Apple has only released an SD card as a USB 3 Lightning accessory. No other such cables have been released by Apple for faster charging or syncing of data. The company doesn’t even allow third party manufacturers to make these cables. If these cables come to the market, not only charging would speed up, but data transfer will also become a faster process.

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