Apple iOS 9 Will Help You Recognize Unknown Calls

Apple iOS 9 Will Help You Recognize Unknown Calls

Apple’s newly released iOS 9 mobile operating system allows users to identify who the “unknown” caller is. Often, users don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers, and are unable to know if they miss an important call.


The way this feature works in iOS 9 is as follows: the operating system searches the email for any name that might be associated with the unknown caller’s number. Once a name has been found, the OS returns with the result and displays it as “Maybe [person’s name]” below the phone number.

Venture Beat lists this feature as one of the “10 apps that should be core smartphone features.” TrueCaller, another application serving a similar purpose, offers call identification facility. TrueCaller also lets users create lists of any undesirable numbers.

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iOS 9 also comes with additional features and enhancements. Some of these include a smarter Siri personal assistant, multitasking functionality for iPad, and a “press and hold” button for menus on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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In addition, Apple also launched an app that allows Android users to switch to iOS.

According to Lifehacker Australia, some of the other features of the new operating system include the ability to customize the color and font of the Safari reader view, adding an iCloud Drive App to the home screen, and selecting multiple pictures quickly.

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