Apple Inc Offers to Replace Rare On-Off Glitch on Certain iPhone 5 Units

Apple Inc Offers to Replace Rare On-Off Glitch on Certain iPhone 5 Units

iphone%205 Apple Inc Offers to Replace Rare On Off Glitch on Certain iPhone 5 UnitsIn a rare move, Apple Inc has offered to fix or replace faulty on and off buttons on certain units of iPhone 5. The technology firm admitted that the glitch really occurs but very rarely. It even added that the problem affects only a small percentage of the smartphones.


In a related statement, the company identified the possibly affected models as those manufactured from the launch of iPhone 5 until March 2013. According to reports, which Apple acknowledged, the on-off button or the sleep/wake mechanism may suddenly stop functioning or may work intermittently.

However, the company did not state how many units of the smartphone model with the faulty mechanism could have been shipped. But owners could determine if the iPhone 5 they are using could be affected by checking out the serial numbers listed on Apple’s online site. By doing so, users may know if their iPhones are qualified for the fix.

Getting the fix

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Once an iPhone 5 unit is determined to be affected of the problem, it could be immediately brought to a designated store for necessary repair. Users could also opt to mail or ship their smartphones to any reliable Apple store within their area.

Apple reiterated that the service is free of charge. It is one effective way the company could appease the owners of the affected iPhone 5 models, which exhibit the rare issue.

Observers note that Apple rarely offers large-scale repair or fix programs for its gadgets. They also emphasize that iPhone glitches come rarely. This is because Apple takes pride on its claims that its hardware engineering as well as design are flawless, especially for flagship smartphone models.

Rare glitch in the past

This is not the first time that an iPhone model has exhibited a glitch, though. In 2010, Apple humbly admitted that a product design problem caused some of its iPhone 4 units to experience signal loss, especially when the device is handled improperly. Back then, the company offered special iPhone casing for free to instantly correct the problem.

Apple launched iPhone 5 in September 2012. Its successor, iPhone 5S was launched together with the less costly iPhone 5C in September 2013. The two new models helped the company sell more smartphones than targeted in the first quarter of this year.