Apple Going Back To Smaller Screens With iPhone 6C? Wait Till It Launches In Q2 2016

Apple Going Back To Smaller Screens With iPhone 6C? Wait Till It Launches In Q2 2016

Plans to launch the 4-inch iPhone 6c in 2015 have been shelved. This iPhone with a smaller screen is now said to be launched in Q2 2016. Looks like Q2 is the luckiest time of the year for the brand in terms of launches, as even in the past, Apple has launched the iPhone, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in June.


iPhone 6C – Things to Know!

As we all know, the iPhone has shifted to larger screens, but with iPhone 6C Apple seems to be going back in time and reducing the size of screens. Why? Aren’t new versions supposed to be better than the previous one? Yes, they are. Apple is trying to be affordable and that maybe is why they are experimenting with smaller screens so that it becomes easier to slash down the price.

The notable thing about this phone is the new 14/16nm FinFET chips from well-known names in the industry like Samsung and TSMC. This means better performance and less power consumption. Looks like a better option for people who want to save some pennies yet invest in a better phone.

Cheaper iPhone 6C with a smaller screen, or expensive iPhones with bigger screen?

Though the price of iPhone 6C is not officially announced yet, industry experts believe that Apple is going back to smaller screens to cut down the price and make it affordable for the masses when compared to other iPhones.

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Now, the point is, not just other iPhones, but well-known and well-accepted brands like Samsung also have better options for smartphone users in cheaper ranges with better quality. We can still assume that the iPhone 6C will not face any competition from other brands, considering that Apple is more of a status quotient than just a product. Apple users will have only two options – smaller screen, less price, or bigger screen, more price. What do you choose?