Apple Gets Patent For Virtual Reality Devices

Apple Gets Patent For Virtual Reality Devices
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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple patents for a virtual headpiece and a virtual keyboard on Feb 17. The virtual headpiece is a device that can be paired for the iPhones while the virtual keyboard will allow users to type in the air.

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 Virtual Headpiece for Apple iPhones

The trademark office granted Apple with the U.S. Patent No. 8, 957, 835 called “Head-Mounted Display Apparatus for Retaining a Portable Electronic Device with Display.”

The diagram included in the copy of the patent showed the iPhone can be inserted to the device that can be worn on the head. It also showed a remote control that the user can use to operate the content seen on the screen while the iPhone is inserted in the device. The features or services of the head gear and remote control can be synchronized to avoid redundant functions while in use, the patent copy reads.

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 Virtual Keyboard

The trademark office also granted Apple with the U.S. Patent 8,959,013 called “Virtual Keyboard for a Non-Tactile Three Dimensional User Interface.”

With the patent, users can type even by just demonstrating with their hands the words or keywords they would want to type. This feature was made possible by a 3D capturing device, a virtual keyboard on a display, the virtual keyboard, including multiple virtual keys and a capturing a sequence of depth maps over time of a body of a human subject, the patent stated.

Essentially, the patent allows users to control their Mac or HDTV without having to hold a keyboard or remote, or even without having to swipe touchscreens.