Apple Distributes Invitations for Anticipated September 9 Event

Apple Distributes Invitations for Anticipated September 9 Event

Apple Apple Distributes Invitations for Anticipated September 9 EventApple Inc is somehow observing its own traditions especially when it comes to launching new devices. The giant technology firm has just sent out official invitations for its highly anticipated and talked about September 9 event. Of course, it will still be held in Cupertino.


As usual, the invitation card did not say too much. It said that even the company wishes it could say more. But many analysts are trying to make inference based on the overall design of the invites.

Interestingly, the event information is atop the traditionally silver Apple logo. This is noticeably a significant change compared to the colorful invitation sent to last year’s event, which apparently hinted the launch of the multi-color lineup of iPhone 5C.

What to expect

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So what can be expected from the event? First, the company is expected to release the new iPhone, which is reportedly a 4.7-inch iteration with new additional features. There are speculations that the company will also finally launch its own version of a phablet that may measure 5.5 inches or longer.

It should be noted that Apple CEO Tim Cook has already expressed hesitations to release their own Apple phablets in the past. However, the firm may have already acknowledged the high demand for such devices, which combine smartphones and tablets in one.

Lastly, there are speculations that Apple may finally launch its own wearables, to be called the iWatch. According to reports, the new wearable may utilize Apple’s HealthKit and HomeKit projects. iWatch may finally bring a turnaround to the wearable market after rival Samsung’s own smart watch failed to make waves.

New tablet lineup

If you are curious about any new iteration of iPad, September 9 may not be the date you should watch out. Based on company tradition, Apple does not announce new iPads at the same time with the announcement of new iPhones. It has observed that tradition for the past two years.

New iPads, if there would be any for this year, can be expected for a separate event, which may likely occur in October. There is no word yet if there would be a new iOS version to be released this year.