Apple Christens New iPhone, iPhone 5SE; Upgraded Version Of iPhone 5s Expected in March

Apple Christens New iPhone, iPhone 5SE; Upgraded Version Of iPhone 5s Expected in March

For a while, Apple has been trying to christen its new upcoming release, but failed to find a perfect name. There were previous attempts to call it the iPhone 6C, iPhone Mini, or Apple’s budget iPhone; but it seems the Cupertino-based tech giant has finally found a nickname for the phone, the iPhone 5SE.


Mark Gurman clarified in a 9to5Mac report that the purported 5SE is not a smaller version of the iPhone 6s, but an upgraded version of the existing iPhone 5s first released in 2013. He further added that the new device is not a preview of the expected iPhone 7 alleged to release this year. Speculations abound that the new device is likely to be introduced at the beginning of March.

It’s worth noting that Gurman holds an exemplary record of furnishing authentic details about any Apple hardware every time it is launched in the market. His predictions seem to always turn true and this time he is certain about the iPhone 5SE. “I’m confident to take this news as ‘on the nose’ in terms of accuracy,” he adds, Forbes reported.

According to fresh reports, the iPhone 5SE is expected to come packed with intriguing features that make the phone way better with regards to looks and features than the iPhone 5s. Unlike shiny, chamfered edges noticeable in other iPhones, the new phone will have curved glass. Similar to what you enjoyed on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5SE boasts an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera. Now, there is more scope with every capture owing to an autofocus and larger panorama feature for video recording.

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Supported by A8 and M8 chips, the device has Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE and 802.11ac Wi-Fi chips features. Make payments from the phone with the Apple Pay app leveraged by an NFC chip. You may choose from space gray, silver and rose gold color option.