Apple Aims for Virtual Reality, Hires a Secret Team

Apple Aims for Virtual Reality, Hires a Secret Team
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In the mid-2000s, Apple had experimented with virtual-reality headsets under the management of co-founder Steve Jobs, but the project did not work out then. After more than a decade has passed, Apple is once again eyeing the virtual and augmented reality platform to build handset prototypes. The company is rumored to have assigned a secret team of experts for the endeavor.


Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook pointed out that the company is aiming for alternative sources of revenue earnings other than its iPhones. He added that virtual technology has a broad appeal, “It is really cool and has some interesting application.”

Apple took efforts in forming its ‘secret team’ by hiring staff from multiple targeted acquisitions and skimming out expert employees engaged in developing next-generation headset technologies, according to sources familiar with the endeavor. The company also acquired Flyby Media, who is engaged in developing augmented reality technologies for mobile devices. Of late, Flyby has been in the spotlight for creating a software for Project Tango in collaboration with Google.

Since the past several months, the Cupertino firm has been trying to develop headset prototype configurations. For the matter, the company has left no stone unturned to ensure a breakthrough in the virtual-reality world. Apple is now in the same league as Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. who leans toward VR and AR technologies.

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Last year, Apple had put up advertisements in the media seeking software engineers with adequate skills for creating high performance apps suitable for virtual reality systems. It shows that the company has been trying to penetrate this sector for the past couple of years, Financial Times reported.

Several big tech brands are already pursuing virtual reality, with Facebook being one of them. The social networking company will soon release its most talked about Oculus Rift headset. In the meantime, Microsoft is heavily invested in HoloLens, an augmented reality technology. Other companies like HTC, Sony and Samsung are also working on the new technology, CNET reported.

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