Apocalyptic Scenes As Hailstones Flood Desert Region

Apocalyptic Scenes As Hailstones Flood Desert Region

For the first time in 30 years, hailstones the size of golf balls fell on deserts in the Middle East region.


The expanse of sand under the blistering heat of the sun was for the first time pounded with frozen water amounting to eight years of rain in just two days. As if war was not enough, people in Iraq, Iran and Syria now battles ice stones and flooding.

A YouTube video from LiveLeak first reported by Mirror UK shows how the vast sand land transformed into a river made of ice water. Huge balls of ice were pouring at a rate that could only be described as terrifying speed.

While authorities blamed the merciless weather for the terrifying occurrence, comments below the video were already about the end of times. One comment reads, “As it is written in the book of Job – hailstones are reserved for Judgment day.” Another comment quoted teaching from Prophet Muhammad saying, “The hour will not be established until the land of the rabs return to being pastures and rivers.”

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In Jeddah, many families went out to have picnics in the valley since the incident was unprecedented in the region and they would have wanted to enjoy it, according to the Arab News. However, the weather resulted to heavy hailstones floods and six people were killed including a mother and her two children. Major Fahad Al-Asmar, Jeddah’s Civil Defense spokesman, said they found them inside the family’s car after receiving reports from the father.