Anti-Beyonce Protest Lulls After Super Bowl Performance

Anti-Beyonce Protest Lulls After Super Bowl Performance
Beyonce at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show from YouTube

An “Anti-Beyonce” protest was supposed to commence Tuesday morning. However, after several social media displays of violent reactions to the singer’s Super Bowl 50 performance, almost no one appeared. In fact, no one turned in a single free, online form to be a member of the alleged group who staged the protest.


During the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, Beyonce performed her latest hit “Formation” with her posse of girls – only that they were dressed in Black Panther-inspired outfits and danced routines that allegedly showcased a movement against police brutality. The performance was said to be a tribute to black people who suffered in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

After the event, several people negatively reacted to the performance and allegedly claimed that the performance was a “race-baiting stunt,” reports Huffington Post.

In fact, a group regarded as “Proud of the Blues,” who was said to be the group behind the protest against Beyonce, took to Eventbrite and announced that said the protest will occur at the NFL Headquarters bad on Park Avenue, New York on Tuesday morning, reports The Daily Beast.

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Accordingly, several police forces were situated in the area to uphold damage control. Despite the effort, only a few people turned up. In fact, the alleged group that staged the event did not have a single member that filled out a free, online form to verify its existence.

In fact, Mary Pryor, a co-creator of Black Girls Rising which plans a counter-protest against the said movement, said, “They have infiltrated our communications. They’re watching us on social media. So, unfortunately, we’re paying attention to what they’re doing just like they are with us. We’re keeping certain things privatized until they happen. We’re not even releasing additional details on our location and it might change tomorrow. That’s how we have to operate.”

Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl may have stirred a ripple, especially from the police force. However, the protesters did not win this battle as almost no one even showed up at the movement!