Annalise Shot In Premiere Episode Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 2

Annalise Shot In Premiere Episode Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 2
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Who shot Annalise Keating? This is the question that is making its baffling fans after the premiere episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” season 2. The final scene of the episode shows Annalise shot in the torso and nobody knows who did it.


Annalise, played by Viola Davis, is one of the major characters of the show, now in its second season. With the character injured, the series will focus on finding out who the culprit is. Aja Naomi King who plays Michaela in the drama mentioned, “Anyone is really up for grabs, so to speak,” adding, “At this point, with the way that things are going and how we still don’t really trust Annalise or each other, it could have been any one of us just to get out from under her.”

“I would rather not be associated with who shot Annalise. That was a lot of blood,” King said. She also added, “Even though Michaela has been around for Sam’s (Tom Verica) murder, she to me, is still very innocent and still has a chance of pulling her life together. I’d rather her be murder-free. Being an accomplice sucks, but she is still one to be murder-free.”

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It seems that all the characters in the show are quite casual about murder. There were some murders in the first season. But it seems that Frank, Bonnie and others are not too serious about the whole thing.

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The characters also don’t feel emotional about these murders. They can joke around a wounded person or even around a dead body, for that matter.

In “How To Get Away With Murder,” murder actually means nothing. The first episode of the new season has delivered thrill in parts and we expect to see more as the season progresses.