Anna Duggar To Divorce Josh Duggar? ‘No,’ Says In-Laws; Anna Feels Partly To Blame

Anna Duggar To Divorce Josh Duggar? ‘No,’ Says In-Laws; Anna Feels Partly To Blame

After reports that Josh Duggar maintained two separate accounts on Ashley Madison surfaced and with his statement confirming it thereafter, netizens are rallying in support of Anna Duggar filing for divorce.


However, a source close to the Duggar family is saying that strict spiritual belief might compel Anna to do otherwise. The source said Anna may even feel that she was partly to blame for Josh’s infidelity.

Netizens calling for Anna Dugar to divorce Josh Duggar

A report from E! noted that unlike with Josh’s molestation scandal where Anna came immediately in support of her husband, she is silent in relation to the Ashley Madison controversy. The report also noted social media posts from people who think Anna should immediately leave Josh for good. Some even pointed out the fact that Anna is blinded by her religious beliefs. Some even offered financial support through GoFundMe.

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Duggar family strong believes in the sanctity of marriage

In spite of netizens openly supporting Anna in case she opt for divorce, a source close to the Duggar family said her in-laws will never allow this. A source told People that Anna will have the support “of Jim Bob and Michelle and everyone else in their circle in terms of staying with him and making” the marriage work.

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“Divorce is not even something that will be discussed,” the source revealed to People, adding that “Josh and Anna will pull through this.” In fact, Anna on her own “is turning more to her faith than ever,” the source said.

“She and Josh are probably praying around the clock right now, I would assume,” the source said, adding that Anna may in fact “absorb some of the blame.”

“Maybe not publicly, ever, but privately, there will be some suggestion of whether or not she should have been more aware of the pressures Josh was under, of the issues he was facing, and how she could have better counseled him or helped him,” the source went on saying.