Angelina Jolie Dead: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard Caught Cheating Before Suicide Video Surface?

Angelina Jolie Dead: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard Caught Cheating Before Suicide Video Surface?
Angelina Jolie Foreign and Commonwealth Office/ Flickr CC

Celebrities are the best target to draw attention and the alleged death hoax involving Angelina Jolie is no different. With the hype tied up to an alleged jealousy angle by Jolie on husband Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, creating malicious and non-factual stories have come out.


The malicious message of Jolie’ death came out and even used CNN as an interest angle. It claims that the veteran actress had recorded a video of here saying goodbye to her fans and Pitt, which was of course nothing more than a lie.

Jolie Not A Full-Time Teacher

With Jolie a sure draw, more odd and unverified news have come out as well. Aside from the death hoax, there is that report revealing that Jolie will be teaching at Georgetown University.

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For the record, she did not go to college there. The comments she made were misconstrued and eventually tied up to a possible teaching position at the London School of Economics. A report from Gossip Cop clears the real score on this issue, capped by saying that there are no current plans for Jolie to teach at Georgetown.

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Pitt Moving Up From ‘By The Sea’

The last time that Pitt and Jolie appeared on screen was for “By The Sea”. The film didn’t really do too well and was considered one of the worst ones for both celebrities.

Pitt gets the chance to redeem himself on Allied, a film where he will co-star Marion Cotillard. The issue here is that some sites have feasted on their spotted photos, hinting of something more than professional work.

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With the perceived success of Allied critics are now inserting the Jolie jealousy angle tied up to the By The Sea debacle. Jolie hasn’t exactly appeared on her recent film appearances with her last hit being that one in 2005, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” opposite Pitt.

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