Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Divorce: Jennifer Aniston Happy, Justin Theroux Worried?

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Divorce: Jennifer Aniston Happy, Justin Theroux Worried?
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If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks, can Jennifer Aniston swoop in and take Pitt back? Rumors have it that this is not that impossible at all, even if Aniston is already married to Justin Theroux.


It will be so easy for Pitt and Aniston to catch up, even compare “marriage woes,” because Aniston still has Pitt’s number in her contacts list! Good thing though Theroux found out but he’s having trouble trusting Aniston these days because of this.

According to the National Enquirer (via the Gossip Cop), Jennifer Aniston is not hiding anything from her husband, even allowing him to fiddle with her phone’s contacts. The problem is that Theroux saw Pitt’s number, which made him threw a hissy fit.

“Jennifer Aniston’s dead serious about her ‘no secrets’ marriage vow with hubby Justin Theroux, so when he mentioned needing a pal’s number, she tossed him her cell phone without batting an eye, saying: “Try my ‘Contacts’ list!’” the website reported. The site however claimed that Aniston might have forgotten who the people were in her contacts.

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According to the report, John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, Gerard Butler, and Brad Pitt, are all in the contacts list. “WTF! Why are your exes still in your contacts??” the website quoted the 44-year-old actor as saying.

While this could be nothing (we all have numbers of people we don’t necessarily catch up with in our phones right?), Theroux’s worrying is not that out of place either, especially if Pitt will become single very, very soon.

A report last month by Hollywood Life claimed that Pitt and Jolie have been having “explosive fight.” Moreover, the two allegedly do not know whether they should even fight for their marriage.

“For a while, the excitement of getting married masked their troubles,” a Brangelina insider told OK! magazine (via Hollywood Life), “but lately, they’ve been having explosive fights. Neither of them is sure that they can or should, hang on anymore.”

Gossip Cop however, claimed that none of these rumors are true.

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