Andy Murray Blasts Chair Umpire For US Open Exit

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Andy Murray, the World No.2, suffered a shocking five-set defeat to Japan’s Kei Nishikori in a gripping US Open quarterfinal tie at the Arthur Ashe Stadium on Wednesday.


However, Murray was bitter over the manner of defeat, especially a particular rally in the fourth set which titled the momentum in favor of World No. 6 Nishikori.

With the fourth set tied at one game apiece, Murray was in control of a rally on break point at 30-40 when the chair umpire stopped a point after a loud, gong-like noise.

After the play was stopped, Nishikori went on to win the next seven games en route a 1-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, 7-5 victory in a little less than four hours.

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Andy Murray annoyed with umpire

Murray revealed that it wasn’t the noise that bothered him but the umpire’s insistence to stop the play. “On set point in the second set, there was a noise, and you (umpre) said we keep playing when that happens,” an irate Murray said.

TV cameras could hear Murray yelling “That’s not fair” to the umpire when the two players changed ends.

The fourth set incident was critical since Nishikori held his serve and went onto win the next seven games.

Prior to the start of the fifth set, Murray was seen engaging in a conversation with referee Wayne McKewen. “(The umpire) stopped the point, and I was just curious why that was and that was it. Wayne McKewen told me that it happened four times during the match that the speakers had gone off like that.

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“I had only heard it one time before, which was on set point in the second set. That was it,” Murray said after the game, stating that the play was stopped during a critical juncture.

After the game, the USTA released a statement to address the reason behind the noise.

“One of the three digital audio sound processors in Arthur Ashe Stadium malfunctioned. The malfunctioning unit is located at the court level. The three processors are linked, and work as a single unit.

“The malfunctioning unit could not be taken off-line without interrupting play. The malfunctioning unit will be replaced between the day and evening sessions. The replacement of the unit, which requires the shutting down and then re-booting of the system, can take up to thirty minutes,” read the statement.

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