Android Wear Watch Works With iPhone 6

Android Wear Watch Works With iPhone 6
Motorola Moto 360 Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Image from Flickr by Mauricio Pesce

Enterprise developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh has found a way to have the Android Wear Watch Moto 360 work with Apple’s iPhone 6. Using the hack he found, his iPhone 6 can now dispatch notifications for the Moto 360. For it to work, the Android device has to be paired with a compatible operating system. Still, Abu-Garbeyyeh has made it possible for his iPhone 6 to push notifications to the Moto 360.


Abu-Garbeyyeh is a developer popularly known as MohammadAG across Android developer communities and online tech forums. He found that without jailbreaking the iPhone 6, he was able to create a connection to a completely different operating system. He was able to accomplish this through the Apple Notification Center Services APIs or ANCS. He simply installed an application on the iPhone 6 and from there, he made a breach for the Apple device to work with the Android Wear smartwatch.

MohammadAG demonstrated his discovery in a video uploaded to YouTube. The video showed the iPhone receiving a text message and an alert popping up on the Android Wear Moto 360. The smartwatch device showed an alert resembling that of Google Hangouts. However, the alert still showed Apple’s Messages icon.

As means of precaution, it should be noted that MohammadAG’s discovery is not officially supported by the respective companies behind Moto 360 and the iPhone 6, experts highlighted. However, it has since proven that Android and iOS devices may work together in the near future. This poses a more affordable option for iPhone users who will not be able to afford the upcoming Apple Watch.

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