Android Wear Smartwatches Rumored to Launch Next Week at Google I/O Conference

Android Wear Smartwatches Rumored to Launch Next Week at Google I/O Conference
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google io android wear smartwatches Android Wear Smartwatches Rumored to Launch Next Week at Google I/O ConferenceGoogle’s annual technology conference Google I/O begins this week and according to a report from CNET a few companies including Samsung are set to launch their latest Android Wear based smartwatch at the event.


According to the report, Samsung has been working on two new smartwatches based on Google’s Android Wear platform with one utilizing the company’s own chips while the other device will be based on Qualcomm  chips. The report did not confirm which device the company is planning to unveil at the conference and Samsung also declined to comment on the matter only saying, in a statement, that it’s “committed to relentless  innovation and new products are always in development.”

These new smartwatches will represent Samsung’s return to Google’s Android platform since switching its Galaxy Gear line of smartwatches to the company’s own Tizen operating system, even going as far as rolling out an update to switch its first Galaxy Gear smartwatch from the Android mobile OS to Tizen. Samsung has said that it decided to switch to Tizen with its latest Galaxy Gear devices because Android reduced the devices’ battery  life too much for their liking but it looks like Samsung is giving Android another shot with Android Wear.

Other brands that are either rumored or set to launch their Android Wear-powered devices include LG and Motorola. LG announced its G Watch last March along with Google’s reveal of Android Wear. The smartwatch  features a rounded square black face, water & dust resistance, and always-on functionality. On the other hand, Motorola’s Android Wear-powered smartwatch dubbed the Moto 360, which was also announced in March, will feature a more traditional watch design with a round face and even a control knob on the side.

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Google announced their Android Wear platform last March. Android Wear is the company’s operating system dedicated for wearable devices. The software is based on their Google Now voice-recognition technology. Other than Samsung, LG, and Motorola, companies who have announced wearable devices that will be featuring Android Wear include the likes of Asus, HTC, and even the Fossil Group. While Asus and HTC are expected to announce their Android Wear devices in the near future, if not during the conference, the Fossil Group has announced that their line of Android Wear-powered watches will be unveiled later this year.