Android Pay Updates: How Similar Is It To Google Wallet?

Android Pay Updates: How Similar Is It To Google Wallet?
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The upcoming launch of Android Pay surely has most techies excited and curious on how useful this application will be. Well, Google claims that they have built Android Pay from scratch, and that the needs of consumers were all what they thought of while building this app.


According to Gizmodo, those who already have Google Wallet might be wondering why on earth they should use Android Pay. Well, if you happen to use your phone quite often, then you will find this app to be much better when it comes to making safe and faster payments online for other apps and even in shops. For you to avail of the upcoming app, you should have a U.S. credit or debit card, preferably a MasterCard. Your account must be associated with the online Android Pay account.

If you are already using Android, your Google Wallet will automatically become Android Pay if your device’s automatic updates setting enable such. What makes Android Pay quite convenient is that some important collectibles like offers or gift cards you might have acquired will also be uploaded to the app.

Apple users unfortunately cannot use Android Pay. However, according to a source from Tech Times, Apple users with device running iOS 7.0 or above will be able to use the latest Google Wallet App. The app can be installed manually, and in some cases, the app will automatically be updated.

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There are also some Android users who swear that the Google Play Services 8.1 allows the Android Pay to run on some handsets. Apparently, there is an activity for the new Android Pay system. As of the moment, it is still an activity, and not officially an app. Nevertheless you can choose to try it out for you to have a taste of how convenient it is to use the Android Pay system.

Be warned, though, that if you choose to be one of the earlier ones to try the Android Pay hidden activity, your transactions are not completely safe since the app has not been launched by Google yet. Well, it is still better to be a little more patient and remain secure.