Android Nougat Hidden Features: Night Mode, Freeform Apps, Mashmallow Land Mobile Game

Android Nougat Hidden Features: Night Mode, Freeform Apps, Mashmallow Land Mobile Game
Android Marshmallow Ben Nuttall / Flickr cc

Android Nougat is already running on a few Nexus devices, thanks in part to the efforts of the Android hacking community. However the first device that will come preinstalled will be the LG V20, which will be unveiled next month.


With all this buzz surrounding the Nougat, fans of the OS are already excited to know what it has to offer. Although the developers have released previews beginning in March, more functions are apparently hidden in the code.

Andoid Nougat Hidden Functions

According to Neurogadget, this includes Night Mode something that was added in the developer previews but was ultimately not included in the final release. It is still buried inside the Nougat’s code just waiting to be unearthed.

Night Mode is useful for those who stay up late at night or having trouble sleeping after using their phones. The feature tints the screen red and filters blue light, the main hindrance to you having a good night’s sleep.

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Next up is Freeform Apps, something that was incorporated to the Android Nougat for better tablet optimization. Sadly it did not make it to the final release but and was buried in the OS’ code.

This function allows you to run your apps in a window in the same way as you would in a desktop. Definitely a great feature for multitaskers and gamers.

Next is Customizable Software Buttons, something that was already available through the use of skins. Google must have taken an interest in customization by adding the option on the Nougat.

The feature doesn’t really add anything other than aesthetics to your phone. If customization is a necessity for you it might be worth it to dig this feature up.

And last but not the least of the Nougat’s hidden features is a game. Nothing special just a flappy bird clone where you control the android logo as it navigates through obstacles, and marshmallows.

These are the hidden gems that were uncovered in the Android Nougat. More treasures might still be hidden in the code for now, these four definitely adds to the anticipation of the newest OS from Google.

Watch how to enable these features here:

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