Android N Hints At Galaxy Note 6 Specs?

Android N Hints At Galaxy Note 6 Specs?
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Google is working on the release of the Android N update. The features of the said update will likely give hints on the features of upcoming devices like the Note 6. Furthermore, as the Android N firmware is shaping up to be an interesting update, there are reports saying that Google employees are now calling it “New York Cheesecake.” Will Android hit another jackpot?


While the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will not be released for another few months, details about upcoming Android updates can also mean new features for the said device. According to reports, Android N has several interesting features under its hood. These include ART JIT, Quick Settings API and Data Server, among other things.

According to Ars Tehnica, Google has already moved from Dalvik Java runtime to the Android Runtime (ART) when it introduced Android 5.0. It has since been making improvements. Android N is offering bigger changes with greater impact. The just-in-time (JIT) compilation will be able to speed things up where the ART failed. Another interesting thing is the Data Saver feature, which will allow users access to a metered network that may require less bandwidth through background activity restrictions. The feature can also lower streaming and image quality for such purposes.

As more reports about the Android N surface, one interesting bit is standing out. It seems that Google already has an internal name for the update: New York Cheesecake. According to Android Police, the code “nyc” has already been spotted in the AOSP repository – much like how the terms like klp, lmp and mnc showed up before. Google has yet to finalize the details of Android N. All information must be taken with a grain of salt.

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