Android N 7.0 Rumored Release Details and More Specs

Android N 7.0 Rumored Release Details and More Specs
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OEMS have yet to complete the Android 6.0 rollout to their devices but it appears Google will be pushing for a new update soon. According to reports, the tech giant has been working on the Android N edition, already with the name touted to be either “Nutella” or “Nougat.”


Google seemingly has an affinity for sweet names given its previous updates. Expected to be unveiled around May during the Google I/O conference, the Android update 7.0 is expected to be named Nougat or Nutella. According to YIBADA, Google acquired the name KitKat before from Nestle without any trouble, so naming the new update “Nutella” should also be no problem.

Google has not released the official details of the Android N 7.0 update but according to Android Authority, it appears like the company will be dropping the app drawer. For one, the LG G5 did not have any app drawer. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with an app drawer, it comes with a hidden setting that can remove it. Evidence was scarce earlier, but the report also said that things are starting to stack up.

For instance, the recently announced HTC One X9 also has no app drawer. Unlike Samsung, HTC did include an option to enable the feature. Sony Xperia series comes with the app drawer but the software is non-final. Sony’s Marshmallow concept has also been going around and there are some saying that there are “classic” or “modern” layout options that comes with or without the app drawer.

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As with other leaks and speculations, all things must be taken with a grain of salt. Google should announce the final details soon especially with the I/O conference just around the corner.