Android N 7.0: Features, Release Date and More Information on Next-Gen OS

Android N 7.0: Features, Release Date and More Information on Next-Gen OS
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Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow has not moved as much, in terms of the adoption rate, but reports about Android N have started surfacing. According to reports, the new Android mobile OS is only several months away and that it will come with new exciting features including support for styluses.


According to new reports, details about the Android N came from Samsung – best known for shipping a considerable number of Android units. The Korean tech giant shared information about the software through its Look API page. The page does not give much, but it shows the a number of its handset features will be halted once the Android N is released. Specifically Samsung’s page details the following:


  • Edge Single Mode
  • Edge Single Plus Mode
  • Edge Feeds Mode
  • Edge Immersive Mode (will be deprecated in N)


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  • AirButton (will be deprecated in N)
  • SmartClip (will be deprecated in N)
  • WritingBuddy (will be deprecated in N)
  • PointerIcon

Another roundup from PC-Tablet suggests that people are talking whether the N for the new version will stand for Nutella or Nectar. Given Google’s affinity for sweet-oriented names, the new Android should be named along these lines. Other hypothesized names include Neopolitan, Nacho and Nougat. Furthermore, the report also cites Google VP of engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer, back in May 2015 on what to expect from upcoming Android releases:

“As we have grown as a platform, we have realized that to some extent predictability is important for the whole industry: developers, manufacturers, operators, and consumers, frankly. So we have landed with sort of a yearly cadence of big releases, and so, for instance, one year we release J, the next year we release K, and then the year after that L, and then this year we will launch M, and so you can predict what will happen next year.”

“You can expect Android O in 2017, Android P in 2018, and Android Q – that’s going to be difficult to name – in 2019 and so forth.” He added.