Android Marshmallow Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 2016 Rolls Out

Android Marshmallow Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 2016 Rolls Out
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Samsung Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 users will be able to get the Android Marshmallow update on their devices. When the news first broke, it was accompanied with a few disappointments, as it was found that the update was available only for the OG Galaxy A7 in Russia.


However, according to the most recent report, it can now be confirmed that users will be able download the Android Marshmallow update on their Galaxy A5 and the premier Galaxy tabs as well. Only the users in Russia will be able to update the unlocked variants of both the Galaxy A5 and A7 models. Those in Serbia and Turkey will be able to access only the Galaxy A5 Marshmallow upgrade.

The update will allow the Google’s mobile operating system to upgrade itself to have new useful features. These include the latest Android OS version, improved notifications and enhanced security systems, GSM Arena reported.

The newest Android version not only offers an enhanced app permission and more simplified security system, but it also allows provides longer battery life for devices. Now on Tap will scan the current screen image to draw out the appropriate information, and the Android Doze helps the device to effectively manage power when the phone has low amount of batter left. The user can also have greater control over the app’s ability to access files and information stored in the device with the App Permissions, Android Authority reported.

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The Android Marshmallow update 6.0.1 for the premier Samsung tabs started rolling out in April this year. The update first went to the 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab S-2 in Germany and then it was made available for the users of the 8-inch Tab S-2 in the UK, GSM Arena reported.

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