Android Marshmallow – Top 6 Features Of Google’s Next OS Version

Android Marshmallow – Top 6 Features Of Google’s Next OS Version
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Google’s latest Android version is out and it is called Marshmallow. On the developers blog, with the announcement of Marshmallow, Google revealed Android 6.0 SDK.


Regarding Android 6.0 SDK and Android Marshmallow, Jamal Eason, Product Manager of Android, wrote in a blog post. “Today with the final Developer Preview update, we’re introducing the official Android 6.0 SDK and opening Google Play for publishing your apps that target the new API level 23 in Android Marshmallow.”

Listed below are Marshmallow’s key features you should not miss.

Android Pay

With Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, we are finally familiar with the digital wallet system. Android Pay, which will help you make payments using NFC (near-field communication), will be replacing Google Wallet App.

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Android Pay will come pre-installed on Verizon, T-Mobile and At&T. Google says that Android Pay will be accepted in nearly 700,000 stories in the United States.

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App permissions

This is something Android users should pay attention to. Whereas on the current Android versions, you have no other option but to agree to all app permissions while installing, with Marshmallow, you will be able to able allow or revoke permissions based on the usage of particular functions.

Google has set some parameters to make this new app permissions system convenient and apt.

Chrome custom tabs

With Chrome Custom Tabs, Android users can now open tabs within the app in use. It will not switch to the browser for every single tab requirement, thereby improving your app experience. We can say that Chrome Custom Tab is, in short, a web experience within an app, as it will also bring features like autofill, saved passwords, and automatic sign-in.

Intent or app linking

Even now, current versions of Android allow you to open links, but not without asking you to open the link in the app or browser. With Marshmallow comes an auto-verify feature which will open links directly in their respective apps (only if it is downloaded on your device).

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Fingerprint support

Android M is working with a number of devices so that they can come up with a standard API that suits all sensors. With fingerprint support, users will be able to unlock their device, shop on the Play Store or make transactions using Android Pay with just a fingerprint.

Doze, a power managing feature

Power Management is a feature that every device should come with. Availability of excellent features and a short battery life is not a great combination. Doze is a power management feature introduced with Android M, which will keep a tab-on motion detection sensor and manage your background activities.

Android M is coming to your smartphone with a bundle of power-packed features. This new Android is for sure going to be the talk of the town for a while.