And ‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2015 Winner Is… Snezana Markoski

And ‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2015 Winner Is… Snezana Markoski
Wedding in Lincoln, New Hampshire Trenten Kelley / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

What can be more magical than love? “The Bachelor Australia” has proven that even when there are difficulties in the path, love finally wins. Sam Woods chose Snezana Markoski in the emotional finale of the show, and the couple is now looking happy in the company of one another.


While viewers thought that the intruder Lana Jeavons had a fair chance of winning the heart of the tall and dashing hunk, especially after their steaming kiss in the pools, it was the single mother from Perth who had the final laugh.

Sam had given away a lot of hints on the show that would suggest he was always going to choose Snezana. She was the girl who got the first kiss from Sam, she was the girl who got kissed by Sam in front of other ladies and she was the girl whom Sam planned an exotic date with in the end.

Sam said while proposing, “I can’t believe what an incredible woman you are, you are so strong, you are so warm, you have the biggest heart that I’ve ever come across and I just love being around you.”

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Sam was getting emotional in his speech, “My heart skips a beat every time that I see you and I just feel so lucky that this crazy adventure has brought us together,” adding, “Every date we have been on, my feelings have gotten stronger. You were the first girl that I met and you are the last girl because I’ve fallen madly in love with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you Snezana. I love you so much.”

Snezana confessed her love to Sam in the final episode of “The Bachelor Australia.” When Sam proposed, she had to say, “I’ve been waiting to hear you say that for so long now. I’ve felt this amazing connection between us and you are everything that I’ve ever dreamed of and more than I could ever have dreamed of and you will make this amazing role model for Eve.”

“The Bachelor Australia” is over for 2015 and the journey of eight weeks has resulted in a love that promises to bloom.

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