An Improved Apple Watch Announced At Apple Event; Comes With Airstrip, Facebook Messenger, GoPro

An Improved Apple Watch Announced At Apple Event; Comes With Airstrip, Facebook Messenger, GoPro
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Apple introduced a new Apple Watch at the its event on September 9. The smartwatch comes pre-loaded with useful apps like Airstrip and Facebook Messenger. Read on to know more about the Apple Watch.

Another Apple product that was under the spotlight at the “Apple Event” was the company’s smartwatch. Brands are in constant search for a “magic spell” that would work wonders for their products and push them to the number 1 position in that particular domain for a lifetime.


Smartphones ran towards Facebook to boost their sale. The manufacturers went to the extent of promoting their phones as Facebook phones. This strategy surprisingly worked. Smartwatches is another domain that big brands are trying to set a market for. It looks like they are using a strategy similar to what smartphones used a while ago. Phones reduced desktops to 4 to 5-inch screens and now smartphones are being reduced to smaller screens. And the result is the smartwatch. When Apple was busy working on the new iPhones, the company decided not to go an extra mile for the watch but just make some smart changes to the existing product. So they added some cool apps to the watch.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger comes to Apple Watch, which means you can chat from your watch as well. If you are stuck in traffic or in a crowd, you do not need to take your phone out of your bag. Just ping your waiting friend from your watch without risking to damage your smartphone in a crowded place.

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With AirStrip in your Apple Watch, you can carry a medical assistant on your wrist. How does the app help you? It provides –

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i. Real time feeds heart rate

ii. Doctors with a close look at vitals of the patient

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GoPro is an app which allows you use your watch for GoPro action camera as a miniature viewfinder.

Another app, iTranslate, helps Apple Watch users translate different languages by merely speaking into the watch. If you want to be in constant touch with the advanced technology but not use your smartphone 24/7, then the Apple Watch is a great option for you.