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An Apple Watch That Counts Down To Your Death?

An Apple Watch That Counts Down To Your Death?
Image from Flickr by Kārlis Dambrāns


An Apple Watch That Counts Down To Your Death?

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Image from Flickr by Kārlis Dambrāns

Rehabstudio has recently launched a concept face called Life Clock, built for the Apple Watch, that counts down the time until one’s death.

As the name suggests, the application gives an estimate of the time of a person’s death by calculating the contrast between the time spent engaging in healthy activities and indulging in unsavory habits. What, however, makes it interesting is its reliance on how one’s behavior affects his or her future rather than how he or she has lived in the past.

Wired reported Tom Le Bree, partner of Rehabstudio, saying that the application works by enlightening users about their future and, therefore, helping them go for healthier options. By utilizing life expectancy data, Bree and his team were able to design the concept in the course of a week during a company hackathon.

The functioning of Life Clock is based principally on temporal discounting. Le Bree says, “In essence, the idea is we discount the future in favor of the present.

“Tomorrow, I’m the guy that goes to the gym, quits smoking, and stops eating fatty foods. But today I’m going to have one last cigarette.”

The Daily Mail reported that the application works by converting the activities of a user extracted from the Apple HealthKit data, which is taken into the phone app, into time.

Depending on one’s individual lifestyle, the application offers an array of recommendations like healthier dietary and work-out options.

Despite the impressiveness of the idea, Apple hasn’t decided whether it will allow owners to use third-party faces on the watch. At present, Rehabstudio is determined to keep working on the concept.

However, a similar product was created by a Swedish inventor last year that, in addition to calculating the number of years one would live, also counted down to the time of death.

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