Amy Schumer Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Ultimate Frenemy

Amy Schumer Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Ultimate Frenemy

The friendship between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer is strangely sweet. A good friend will always support you but a great friend will reveal your darkest secrets to the public and laugh them off. And that’s exactly what Amy did.


Amy Schumer is a great comedienne, an activist, and film collaborator. During the last year, Amy also became a film collaborator and a friend to Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning actress. She has written a ‘much anticipated’ comedy with Jane. Recently on the sets of a cover shoot by Schumer, Vanity Fair  had asked her to go through and quick check a few of Jennifer’s comments that she had made in a recent interview.

The Trainwreck actress Schumer picks on one of Jenifer Lawrence’s interview videos, revealing the truth behind all her statements. At one point, Jennifer says it is “never not cool to just be the nice girl.” Schumer pointed out that’s not the way the “Hunger Games” acts always anyway! Lawrence, she says is the meanest person she knows.

Schumer also revealed the many hurtful texts Jennifer has sent her that also made her laugh, as reported by Vanity Fair. In that funny video, Amy Schumer also talks about the weirdest place where Jennifer has peed — a bidet. Amy really found an adorable best friend in Jennifer and vice versa, it seems.

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According to Belfast Telegraph, Amy Schumer is really on the top of the game, both romantically and professionally. She recently shared a near-death experience she had from surfing and how despite the idea of losing her leg, she managed to laugh this off and survived.

Watch as Schumer calls out Lawrence for giving hypocritical advice; explains their mean text-message conversations and reveals why the duo’s friendship is “a marriage made in heaven.”

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