AmEx Is Now An Apple Pay Partner

AmEx Is Now An Apple Pay Partner
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Apple users can now pay for their transactions in American Express (NASDAQ: AMEX) through Apple Pay.

The credit card company has announced that is the “first major Corporate Card portfolio” ready for Apple Pay.


In their release,  Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Payments, American Express, Greg Keeley said, “Businesses today are going digital, and American Express is at the forefront of digital innovation, helping companies to streamline their payments systems and simplify their processes.”

“We continue to invest and expand digital offerings for our corporate customers in ways that maximize security and enhance the user experience.”

So members can now enroll their eligible Coporate Cards on Apple Pay to pay for their in-app transactions, using an Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad. Clients can also pay for goods in stores with point-of-sale registers that have a ear field communication technology, or NFC.

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Adding a credit card to Apple Pay is safe. The information like credit card numbers are not stored on the Apple device or servers. It’s a key feature of the Apple Pay system. Fortune reports the Whole Foods Market reported that their mobile payments increased by more than 400 percent since the launching of Apple Pay in October 2014.”

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Tim Cook previously announced that for every $.3 cent spent on mobile payments, $.2 is done via Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is currently available in lots of stores like Express, Trader Joe and more, and was recently launched in the UK.

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