America’s Got Talent 2016: Grace VanderWaal In LA For Live Shows

America’s Got Talent 2016: Grace VanderWaal In LA For Live Shows
America’s Got Talent 2016 Grace VandeWaal/ Instagram

America’s Got Talent 2016 contestant Grace VanderWaal shared an image of herself on Instagram in Los Angeles with Minnie Mouse. The 12-year-old has already arrived in LA for the America’s Got Talent live shows.


VanderWaal managed to impress so much with her “I Don’t Know My Name” number that judge Simon Cowell was compelled to hit the golden buzzer on her.

Cowell even complimented her saying she has the potential of becoming the next Taylor Swift. She said that she is excited about performing at the Dolby Theatre stage on the upcoming live shows, which has only days to go.

She also posted another image on Instagram of what seemed to be her composition journal. She said that she would like to perform more originals for her fans, the Hofmag reported.

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Her Instagram teaser post was captioned “Really, REALLY trying to get some new originals up for all of you.” The young singer already has 750,000 followers, who are eagerly waiting to see her perform on the live shows.

VanderWaal is one of the 12 contestants, who will be performing at Dolby Theatre, after the show returns on August 23. America’s Got Talent 2016 is currently on hold due to the 2016 Rio Olympics coverage.

She released the complete version of “I Don’t Know My Name” on her Youtube channel and later decided to redo it with her new camera and tripod which will offer a better sound quality.

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After her first achievement on America’ Got Talent she said that the very fact that she appeared on TV changed the course of her life.

“The reaction is very great but it gets kind of confusing. I used to sit alone at lunch with only Caroline, and now all of these people are coming. I don’t know if they genuinely want to be my friend or they want to be the girl from ‘America’s Got Talent’s’ friend,” she was quoted as saying by the Rolling Stone.


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