American Ninja Warrior Crowns First Winner In 7 Seasons

American Ninja Warrior Crowns First Winner In 7 Seasons
150826-Z-NI803-676 Matt Hecht / Flickr Public Domain
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“American Ninja Warrior” saw its first ever winner after seven seasons.


Maryland sports cameraman, Geoff Britten, completed Stage 4 of the Las Vegas Finals course – a climb on a 75-feet rope – in 29.65 seconds and subsequently became the first American to achieve the task. However, the record was soon broken by Caldiero who completed the climb in 26.14 seconds. As per American Ninja Warrior’s rules, Caldiero won the $1 million prize.

“The course had been dubbed ‘impossible’ for so long,” Caldiero said, as reported by People Magazine. “From the beginning, I wanted to be that man to do the impossible.”

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Kent Week, the show’s executive producer, spoke of Caldiero, “As much as the money is a wonderful prize and life changing, he does get the great gratification. I don’t think he harbors any ill will about it.”

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Britten also spoke highly of Caldiero in an interview on Tuesday, saying, “I’m so proud of Isaac; he’s an animal. He was a better man that night. I have nothing but respect for him.”

It “was motivating” to watch Britten attempt the climb first, Caldiero said, “but a huge part of it was intimidating, too, because in all the training I’ve done, the fastest I’ve ever climbed that amount of rope was in 36 seconds. So when they announced, ‘You have 30 seconds,’ and when I saw Geoff go, I was overwhelmed, like, ‘Oh boy, I don’t know if I can do this.’ That was the first time I had been questioning my skills.”

“I totally went to another place,” he further said. “I had to stay focused and kind of zone out. This year, I took a whole new approach in being really relaxed and not taking it too seriously, and that really helped me stay focused.”

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