‘American Idol’ 2016 Winner Is Trent Harmon, Fans React Negatively!

‘American Idol’ 2016 Winner Is Trent Harmon, Fans React Negatively!
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Trent Harmon has won “American Idol” season 15. He bested La’Porsha Renae to become the (seemingly) last winner of the singing competition. Fans, however, might not be as happy for him as they should.


As NJ reported, Harmon was overwhelmed when he won the title of American Idol. Harmon cried as he hugged La’Porsha, and said, “It’s God’s will!”

“I worked so hard … and she pushed me to do it.”

Harmon is the eighth male “American Idol” champion in the last nine seasons. Trent is also the seventh in nine years to fall into the “white guy with guitar” stereotype. He is the first from Mississippi. Not only did he bring home the title, he also gained a contract with Big Machine Records.

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According to Gossip Cop, some fans rejoiced when he won. Kelly Clarkson (season 1 champion) also tweeted her congratulations. “Congrats @TrentWHarmon 🙂 @laporsharenae can’t wait 4 your album too! River wanted 2 say bye #AmericanIdol #IdolFinale.”

However, according to Romper, there were a lot fans who are not happy with the outcome. Many took to social media to air their disappointment. Twitter user Zaddy Dee posted, “I am SHOCKED!!!!!!!! Seriously SHOCKED….idk how to feel about this….I love me some Trent but LaPorsha had that!!!”

Another Twitter user named Future Producer wrote, “Waiting for Steve Harvey to come out on stage like ‘Sorry, I made a mistake, it says it right on the card La’Porsha Renae’ #IdolFinale.”

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  • Jackie Boman

    I’ve personally seen way more positive than negative comments, an occasional negative comment here and there but overall more positive!! Is it fair to him for anyone to say he shouldn’t won because there’s been too many white guys with guitars that have already won? He won because of the way he sings, it was more preferred. If it was due to teens and tweens, then Dalton would’ve won!!!!

  • Rox Fau

    Theres more positive than negative…stupid article

  • George Robbins III

    Stupid article. Of course La Porsha’s fans are unhappy. The runner up’s fans are always angry, this is nothing new. He got the most votes, so obviously there are more Trent lovers than haters.