‘American Horror Story’ Revelation: Hotel Has Connection With Season 1, Spoilers Reveal

‘American Horror Story’ Revelation: Hotel Has Connection With Season 1, Spoilers Reveal
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“American Horror Story: Hotel” brings back a familiar face for its season six finale, a character who first appeared in the series’ first season. What’s she up to now?


After last week’s revelation that John Lowe, played by Wes Bentley, is the 10 Commandments killer, the focus of the series revolves around The Countess, Will Drake, and James March. In fact, it’s possible that the final 10 Commandments murders will be continued, such as the “Though Shalt Not Covet Thy Brother’s House.”

The house referred by the commandment is that of Hotel Cortez, the main focus of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” reported E! Online. This might mean that the hotel will be maneuvered by a new owner: John Lowe with Alex and Holden.

According to US Magazine, Sarah Paulson who played Billie Dean Howard in season one of “American Horror Story” is coming back. Billie was friends with Constance Langdon, played by Jessica Lange who was also regarded as a psychic then. During “American Horror Story: Hotel,” she made her way to the entertainment industry as a reality TV star who would want to air an episode of her show at the infamous Hotel Cortez.

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Since Paulson is currently portraying the role of Sally McKenna, the ghost that haunts the hotel and is a permanent resident there, she will be playing the role of Billie and Sally simultaneously. This type of role has already been played by Finn Wittrock who also played Tristan and Rudolph Valentino on “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

Now that there’s a not-so-new character back in American Horror Story and with the revelation that a new owner other than The Countess would rule over the scary facility, who will rule over it and accommodate Billie Dean Howard? Stay tuned and watch the season finale of “American Horror Story: Hotel” this Wednesday on Fox.