American Airlines Now Flies Passengers Via Dreamliner

American Airlines Now Flies Passengers Via Dreamliner
American MD-80 @ SJC (1) Ian Abbott/FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0

American Airlines (AA) has announced that passengers can now fly onboard Boeing 787 starting May 7.


Boeing 787, also known as Dreamliner, which promises nonstop long-haul trips, lesser fuel consumption and lighter materials, is now servicing passengers on the second American airline to order it.

AA’s Dreamliner flights feature unique “z-shaped” lounge for Business Class passengers. Their Main Cabin also offers 5 more inches of legroom.

The first flight was between Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago, as AA’s website states. The first nonstop international flight will be on June 2, between Dallas/Fort Worth and Beijing. There will also be another nonstop long-haul flight between Dallas/Fort Worth and Buenos Aires.

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United Airlines is the first American airline company that ordered Boeing 787’s. Watch their first flight on the video below.