Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Divorce: Fans Call ‘Mera’ A Talentless Gold Digger As ‘Justice League’ Photos Surface

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Divorce: Fans Call ‘Mera’ A Talentless Gold Digger As ‘Justice League’ Photos Surface
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The latest news about the Amber Heard Johnny Depp divorce appeared to have gotten messier, as fans have come into the picture.


Following the reported $7-million-divorce settlement that the 30-year-old actress received from her estranged husband, a number of people, particularly fans, have allegedly labeled her as a “gold digger.”

While this can already be regarded as a serious allegation, a new report might have something more serious to say about some fans’ opinion of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor’s ex-wife.

As soon as Warner Brothers released the first images of Johnny Depp’s former spouse Amber Heard in her Mera, Queen of Atlantis costume, several fans began airing their opinions of her via the internet, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

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Mera is her character in the upcoming superhero film “Justice League.”

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The entertainment site shared that “Upon seeing the photos, some fans wondered if the gold digger used her marriage to Johnny Depp, and subsequent divorce, to further her career.”

There were also some who alleged that the “Magic Mike XXL” actress “has no talent and is just a pretty face with no substance.”

Meanwhile, one fan was vocal in admitting that learning about Amber Heard’s participation in the movie was enough reason that “Now I can ignore [the movie] and not pad her pocketbook.” Should Johnny Depp be happy about his followers’ love and loyalty for him?

Amid these initial reactions from fans, CDL surmised that the situation may affect the performance of the project in the box office. Allegedly, this may make it sink, especially that fans have threatened to boycott it.

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“Justice League” is set to premiere in November 2017.

In the meantime, the teaser photos, which were first published on IGN, have confirmed that the actress will be playing Aquaman’s wife, her first-ever major role for a movie.

With Johnny Depp’s fans appearing to be extra keen of her lately, Amber Heard’s portrayal may make or break her further.

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  • LoverGirl

    I say she’ll suck because she can’t act. What does the divorce have to do with it? Mera is a vastly complex character that Amber doesn’t have the range for.