Amazon US Deal: 16GB Moto G (1st gen) For $85

Motorola is offering an enticing discount on the 16GB Moto G (1st gen) on Amazon US. The news surfaced in the media after Motorola recently announced another exciting offer including the Moto X Pure Edition combined with a Moto 360 (1st gen) watch for free.


As part of the new offer, Amazon is offering $15 discount on Moto G (1st gen), but only for the day.  This means you have only today to save a great deal on the device. Although the phone was released two years before, it is still a decent choice for budget conscious individuals. At a minimal price, the phone packs in impressive features that boost user experience.

According to the site, the 16GB version, which was priced at $120 is offered for just $85 only for today. You should also note this that the previous all-time low price was $99, which indicates that the recent offer is lucrative in every way. The price cut on the 16GB version makes the 8GB variant more expensive. However, the variation between the price of the two models will be valid only for today, reports Android Authority.

Motorola jots down the specs and features of the phone. According to details, the phone carries a 4.5-inches display screen boasting 1,280x720HD screen with 329ppi. The screen has Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The phone comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion 2,070mAH battery that offers up to 24 hours of back up. While the front camera is 1.3MP, the rear camera is 5MP. In addition, the phone has 4.0Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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According to reports, the 16GB Moto G (1st gen) is a GSM device available on Amazon US, but is not compatible with Sprint, Verizon and MVNO networks. Do not miss your chance of grabbing a branded device at a very cheap price, since the device might not get any more discounts in the future. We also reported about another Motorola deal on the 64GB Moto X Pure Edition, which can be bought with a Moto 360 (1sdt gen) for $500. Click here, to read more.