Amazon Now Lets You Shop and Add Things to Your Cart Using Twitter

Amazon Now Lets You Shop and Add Things to Your Cart Using Twitter
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What's This?

amazon cart twitter Amazon Now Lets You Shop and Add Things to Your Cart Using TwitterAmazon has just launched a new feature that allows their customers to add items to their carts through Twitter.


Simply called #AmazonCart, the new feature lets customers add items to their Amazon carts by replying to Tweets with Amazon product links using the aforementioned hashtag, #AmazonCart for the US or  #AmazonBasket for the UK. The items then get added to the user’s Amazon cart for purchasing later. Users can start using the new #AmazonCart service by first connecting their Twitter and Amazon accounts together and they’ll be able to start using #AmazonCart.

Amazon has assured users that using the hashtag will only save items to their Carts for reviewing, editing, purchasing, or removing at a later time. Additionally, users will also receive a reply tweet from Amazon’s @MyAmazon twitter account (which was specifically created for the #AmazonCart service) to inform them whether the item they’re trying to place in their carts was successfully added, if it was out of stock, or how you can finish checking out later. Users will have the option to change their connection preferences via their account’s Social Settings or even completely opt out of the @MyAmazon responses.

Amazon has also reminded users that their #AmazonCart replies will be visible to other users including those they’ve replied to, to those who view the conversation, and those who view the user’s Tweet Timeline – unless the user’s account is set to Private.

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In an e-mail to TechCrunch, Amazon said “Twitter offers a great environment for our customers to discover product recommendations from artists, experts, brands and friends. #AmazonCart was designed to help customers add products to their cart now without leaving Twitter and come back later to shop and buy on Amazon.”

Amazon also released a video showcasing the different ways users can use #AmazonCart to “Add it now. Buy it later.” including putting things like a videogame, diapers, and even an electric toothbrush into your cart. The new service opens a plethora of ways for both Amazon and product manufacturers to co-market their products and services via Twitter.