‘Amazon’ Closes ‘Amazon Destinations Service’

‘Amazon’ Closes ‘Amazon Destinations Service’
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It looks like Amazon.com has just decided to close the doors of its Amazon Destinations Service for good. An advisory on the website says that Amazon Destinations have already stopped selling reservation on its website travel.amazon.com as early as October13.


Amazon Destinations is actually a part of the Amazon Local business. It was a service designed to help customers discover places such as highly-rated resorts boutique hotels, lakeside cabins, winery villas or beach cottages that are just within driving distance. In short, they help travelers plan instant getaways. And for destination owners, they give them a chance to promote their place to millions of Amazon customers, while being able to manage rates, availability, discounts and travel packages. Meanwhile, for those who have already made bookings recently through Amazon Destinations, the service says that any reservation is still valid at the hotel without the need for further action on the customer’s end. Moreover, customers who made reservations through Amazon Destinations can still check their reservation details here.

It seems that Amazon.com, Inc. never gave a hint that they were planning to close down Amazon Destinations. In fact, there was no indication given when it released its second quarter earnings last July. For the second quarter, online retail giant reported a sales increase of as much as 20% from the same period last year, bringing in a total of $23.18 billion. Moreover, it posted a net income of $92 million, which reflects a significant recovery from the net loss of $126 million reported during the same period last year.

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Meanwhile, Amazon Local continue to operate with two other products. There’s the Amazon Local Deals that allows businesses to offer deals that can be seen on the Amazon website as well as mobile app and email. And then, there’s also the Amazon Local Register, which allows merchants to turn their mobile phone or tablet into a point-of-sale that honors both debit and credit cards.

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