Who Is Amanda Strous? Bride-to-be Killed As Fiance Attends Bachelor Party

Who Is Amanda Strous? Bride-to-be Killed As Fiance Attends Bachelor Party
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After Amanda Strous was killed in an apartment fire on Saturday night, 28-year-old Matthew Thomas Benner had been arrested by the CMPD on a murder charge.


Benner is currently in the custody of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office awaiting extradition. However, no exact time of his return had been released. It has been confirmed that Benner will be charged with murder and 1st degree arson.

The motive behind the killing of Amanda Strous is yet to emerge.

The college counsellor grew up in York, Pa. She went to college in Shippensburg, and there she played field hockey from 2007 until 2010.

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She had a degree in psychology and a minor in art. Then she met Cory McCleaf during those years. The meeting was the beginning of a relationship that would ultimately bring her to Charlotte, said the Charlotte Observer.

She worked for a year as an assistant coach at Hamilton College in New York after graduation. She went back to Shippensburg in 2012 to work as an assistant coach while studying for a master’s degree in counseling.

Last year, she moved to Charlotte to be close to her fiance. There, Strous worked for about six months as a student counselor at Central Piedmont Community College.

Michelle Shuck is the owner of Crossfit Pineville, a gymnasium regularly visited by her. Shuck said that Amanda Strous was extremely friendly, always smiling and joyous. “She was a counselor, so she could talk to anyone. She was definitely empathetic and willing to lend an ear or help out.”

It was also reported that she used to have a roommate at her Charlotte apartment. Unfortunately, Strous had her apartment to herself last week as her roommate was in Pennsylvania.

Fiance McCleaf, too, was was in Maryland for a sort of bachelor party with some of his groomsmen.

According to the deceased’s mother, this was the only weekend when Amanda Strous was alone in Charlotte, says Fox 46 Charlotte.

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