Allen Ivanov: Photo Of Heartbroken Suspect In Mukilteo Party

Allen Ivanov: Photo Of Heartbroken Suspect In Mukilteo Party

Three people were shot and killed during a Mukilteo party, leaving a Snohomish County neighborhood in shock on Saturday.


There is a fourth victim who had been hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. After the shootout, he had received serious injuries which are being treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

According to sources, the Mukilteo party shooter is 19-year-old Allen Christopher Ivanov. Herald Net said that Ivanov is being held in custody for three counts of murder.

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The charges include one count of aggravated murder. Ivanov is expected to show up in court on Monday. On Saturday, a vigil was held for the victims. At the vigil, friends identified the victims as Jake Long, Anna Bui, and Jordan Ebner. It was also reported that the victims were all graduates of Kamiak High School.

Ivanov has a LinkedIn page where he is described as a computer science and engineering student at the University of Washington.

Susan Gemmer, a Snohomish County resident, said that her 18-year-old granddaughter Alexis was spending time with friends from Kamiak High School. During that time, a young man showed up with a rifle.

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According to Gemmer, Ivanov shot two people at a fire pit. He then made his way up to the roof then fired more shots from there.

A massive revelation came from Gemmer. It was reported by Q13 Fox News that Gemmer said Ivanov was in a relationship with one of the victims. Apparently, they had broken up.

This piece of information was confirmed by the neighbors. However, police are still not confirming whether the break-up was the cause of the shooting.

Even friends of the victims confirmed that the Mukilteo party shooting suspect, and one of his victims, had just ended a relationship.

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