All You Need To Know About New iPhone 6S Force Touch

All You Need To Know About New iPhone 6S Force Touch

One of the most spoken about features of iPhone 6s is the Force Touch. Details of how this Force Touch will actually work and what to expect from this feature is finally out.


9to5’s Mark Gurman on Saturday released a leak where he has claimed that Force Touch will be now able to register 3 levels of pressure:

i. Regular finger tap
ii. Harder press
iii. Deeper press

Smartphone users are used to the regular finger tap functioning while MacBook and Apple watch users know how hard press works. The working of these functions will remain the same. Some also believe that this time the Force Touch is going to be “3D” Force Touch.

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How are 3 levels of Force Touch going to be useful?

Mark Gurman believes that app developers will now develop games where users can enjoy the 3 levels of Force Touch for input. If this news is true then gaming is about to become more fun and hassle-free.

The advanced version of Force Touch is also believed to be changing how Apple Maps work. The feature is said to offer shortcuts: for example, tap on a location and your iPhone will directly start navigating without you having to follow any extra steps.

Force Touch and the Apple Watch

Most of the Apple Watches used to be crowded with apps all the time for ease of usage. The time has come when using apps on that small screen is going to be extremely easy with no crowded watch screens. How? With the all new Force Touch, users can now use hard press to bring up the menu and other options on the watch. That means Apple Watches will now be clutter-free.

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Another benefit of hard press is that when users press hard on a link, a website’s preview will be shown.

Force Touch or “3D” Force Touch, as experts believe it to be, definitely looks promising and is about to change the way Touch has been working till date. And we are looking forward to it.