Aliens & UFO Sightings: Four Extraterrestrials Abducted Woman? Mysterious Flying Object Spotted in Las Vegas

Aliens & UFO Sightings: Four Extraterrestrials Abducted Woman? Mysterious Flying Object Spotted in Las Vegas
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A 16-year-old girl claimed to have been abducted by aliens when she was just four and said she is still unable to get over the whole experience.


She reported the incident to Mutual UFO network, world’s largest investigator of UFO sightings and abductions, and is seeking help to recover from the shock. The unnamed girl reportedly saw four grey aliens standing at the window of her room in 2004 in Standish, Michigan.

“A bright light shined through the window. I leaned up to wake my dad up but he wouldn’t wakeup,” the Express UK quoted her as saying in the report. “I looked at the window and to my surprise there were four grey aliens standing there then I blacked out. I was four years old and did not know about aliens at the time.”

She added, “I have remembered this my entire life, it’s burned into my mind. I have tried to find a hypnotist in Michigan who would help me remember more but have failed in finding one can anybody help me?”

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According to her, the aliens that abducted her appeared similar to the alien grey species, common in sci-fiction films. Most people who claimed to have been taken by aliens said they looked somewhat like the alien grey species.

Sceptics dismissed the claims of UFO sightings and abductions saying there is no proper evidence that support such assertions and that these are most likely to be results of dreams.

Meanwhile, Steven Barone claimed on his Youtube channel UFOs in the USA that he witnesses heavy UFO traffic over the Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Test and Training Range.  He claimed he saw the mysterious objects at Area 51 from his home in the Summerlin area of  Henderson, Las Vegas. He added that most of the UFOs are cloaked crafts that cannot be captured with ordinary camera.

Area 51 in Nevada dessert is a top secret military base, which, according to conspiracy theorists, protects evidence of UFOs and aliens behind closed doors.

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